SOCAMEX holds concessionaire operating rights for various water treatment and management facilities. This line of business is where we can most clearly see the results of a strategy based on the concept of integral water management.

Private-public collaboration helps us obtain optimal results, maximising synergies between both entities, and offing users the best possible service.

SOCAMEX integrates facility technical assistance, design, construction, and expansion, as well as infrastructure operations and maintenance, all of which with personalised relationships and customer service.

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We work with real-time information systems. These systems are used by urban services agents to optimise the resources assigned to each task. This is how we are able to maximise the level of service provided to the city, improving maintenance and read routes, reducing noise levels, and minimising fuel consumption and gas emissions. In addition, the real-time information that meters receive (meters, flow meters, pressure meters, quality meters) helps us detect potential breakdowns and minimise the number water service interruptions and repairs.