Industrial Cleaning

SOCAMEX has a fleet of industrial tanker vehicles equipped with cutting-edge electromechanical suction and discharge units to provide INDUSTRIAL CLEANING services for potable water storage tanks, storage tanks for all kinds of chemical products, over-head or below-ground storage tanks for all types of petroleum products, surface cleaners, hydrocarbon separators, septic tanks,…

Providing this service requires the work of highly-qualified personnel with a great deal of experience and, above all, periodic training as work is carried out inside CONFINED SPACES and ATEX classified locations.

As a result of this service and the waste produced either by the act of cleaning itself, or collecting waste contained in the tank, SOCAMEX is authorised as a TRANSPORTER OF HAZARDOUS AND NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE, TRADER OF HAZARDOUS AND NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE, AND WASTE TREATMENT OPERATIONS AGENT.