We are backed by a technical team with extensive experience in the development of complete projects and designing new hydraulic installations. We apply the most innovative technological advancements to optimise designs and study the performance of supply networks and purification processes.

In recent years, SOCAMEX has seen major growth in its infrastructure improvement activities. As such, it has completed forward-thinking wastewater and drinking water purification projects for companies, as well as local, regional, and national administrations.

We provide new installations and improvements that are sub-divided into two different areas:

INDUSTRIAL ASSEMBLIES: assembling and commissioning water treatment installations.

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS: programming and automations design for efficient control systems in water treatment installations, legalisation projects, etc.

“SOCAMEX has all necessary industrial-level authorisations (high voltage, water installation, pressure equipment installation, and liquid oil product installation) and, as an added value, the company is registered in the construction sector accredited company registry, as well as the asbestos risk company registry (RERA).”